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About the Central Arizona DX Association

CADXA club members gather to help a fellow member with tower work

Since its inception in the summer of 1974, the Central Arizona DX Association has been dedicated exclusively to the pursuit of DX.  The original founders of the CADXA were not satisfied with the "general interest", social-based Amateur Radio clubs - they wanted to form a dedicated group of DXers to promote the passion of DX to the fullest extent

In the early days, the original 16 members began meeting at each other's QTHs, eventually moving the meetings to the old Sands Hotel on East Van Buren Street in Phoenix in the early summer of 1975.  More than three decades later, the legacy continues as those passionate about the hobby gather monthly to discuss everything "DX".

Over the past 40 years, CADXA has helped to set the pace for the DX community on an international scale.  Some of the DX community's most well-known players have been closely involved with the CADXA, and the club membership has supported and participated in many large-scale DXpeditions to far-reaching corners of the world. 

The CADXA has always had an incredible mix of members - some have worked for the ARRL, many have highly technical backgrounds both in their careers and in the hobby, many have been on multiple DXpeditions, and quite a few have achieved top honors for DXing and CW operating.  The combined experience across the membership makes any club gathering an exciting opportunity for discussing everything DX-related.

K7UGA - Our Club Callsign, In Honor

The CADXA is proud to have as its club callsign, K7UGA, held previously by Barry M. Goldwater.  Mr. Goldwater, born in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1909, was a 5-term U.S. Senator from Arizona, and the Republican Party's nominee for President in 1964. 

 Mr. Goldwater was an avid Amateur Radio operator, getting his start in the early 1920s.  His efforts as a spokesman for Amateur Radio, and his many hours during the Vietnam War giving servicemen overseas the opportunity to speak to loved ones at home (Military Affiliate Radio System), made him very well known and loved throughout the radio community. 

Mr. Goldwater has been an Honorary Member of the CADXA since 1992.  He became a Silent Key in 1998 at the age of 89.

2014 CADXA Board of Directors

Tom Kramer


Lee Finkel

Vice President
Richard Kendrick


Bill Ellis



Past President
Ned Stearns



Rex Turvin


Osiel Rodriguez


Bob Davies





DXer of the Year

Every year, the CADXA recognizes one of its locally active members for his or her dedication to making CADXA one of the finest organizations of its kind.  A member who has been chosen as "DXer of the Year" has demonstrated exceptional accomplishments, to the benefit of the club, in the area of DXing and has demonstrated exceptional skills in DX operating. We thank the following individuals for their dedication to the club and we recognize them as DXer of the Year for their respective year:


1980 AA7A   1985 KY7M
1986 KC7V   1987 N7US
1988 W9RY (SK)
  1989 W2UE (SK)
1990 K7WK   1991 N7CIX
1992 NN7X (SK)
  1993 K5VT (SK)
1994 AA7A   1995 WA7LNW
1996 K8BN   1997 W8AEF
1998 K7WX   1999 N7MB
2000 NA7DB   2001 WY7K
2002 N7RK   2003 K7BHM
2004 W7/DL1UF   2005 K8IA
2006 K7WP   2007 N7IR
2008 KF7E   2009 K8BN
2010 N7CW    2011 NQ7R
2012 WA0KDS   2013 K7BHM

Honorary Members

On occasion, the CADXA recognizes an outstanding member of the worldwide DX community for his or her accomplishments towards, and dedication to, club activities. We thank the following individuals for supporting CADXA and we recognize them as Lifetime Honorary Members:


1979 K5VT (SK)   1991 OH6RI
1991 OH6XY   1992 G3SXW
1992 GM3YTS   1992 K7UGA (SK)
1993 4X6UO   1993 ZA1B
1994 9G1AJ   1994 9G1NS
1994 9G1PB   1995 W1ICP (SK)
1995 K5FUV   1996 9N1AA
1996 JA1BK   1996 OH2BH
1997 KK6EK   1998 8Q7QC
1998 G4VPM   2001 N7CIX
2003 N7CQQ   2007 W3UR
2011 W9KNI     2012 G4IRN
2013 EL2DT    2013 W7XA/DU1KA
2013 N7AZ      

Past Presidents

We wish to recognize each of the following members for having given much time and dedication to the club by serving as President:


1975 W7RUK (W7QS)   1976 W7XA
1977 W0SIP/7 (K7SA)   1978 W7QS (K7BHM)
1979 AA7A   1980 N7CW
1981 K7BHM   1982 WB7FDQ
1983 KC7V   1984 KC7V
1985 W9RY   1986 KY7M
1987 N7US   1988 KC7V
1989 K5VT (SK)   1990 N7BG (W4OI)
1991 N7BG (W4OI)   1992 WY7K
1993 KY7M   1994 AA7A
1995 K8BN   1996 K8BN
1997 KC7V   1998 N7MB
1999 W1XT   2000 K8BN
2001 W8AEF   2002 KN7Y
2003 K1MY (SK)   2004 K1MY (SK)
2005 K8BN   2006 K8BN
2007 KW7V   2008 KW7V
2009 KF7E    2010  KF7E
2011 W1XT    2012 AA7A  
2013 AA7A