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K5VT, Silent Key, April 24, 2010

Vinson Cleo Thompson, 66, passed away on April 24, 2010. He graduated from University of Oklahoma Medical School and served his Internship and Residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. He also completed a 2 yr Fellowship at University of California, Los Angeles in Gyn Oncology. He was Board certified in OB-Gyn and traveled extensively with the World Health Orgainzation, primarily in Africa. He was a veteran and served with the U.S. Navy. He came to Phoenix in 1981 and was the Director of Gyn Oncology at Maricopa Medical Center until he entered private practice. Dr. Thompson was the first Gyn Oncologist in the entire metropolitan Phoenix area.

A licensed amateur radio operator since the age of 13, he was recognized as a world renouned high speed telegraph operator and held the call sign of K5VT. He was a Honorary Member of the Central Arizona DX Association, where he was also the Past President and "DXer of the Year" in 1993, Vince was named New Orleans "DXer of the Year" in 1995. He was also a life member of the ARRL and also on the ARRL DX Advisory Committee. An active and founding member of the "VooDoo Contest Group", he held radio licenses from over 60 countries.

He is survived by his lady Cescilia, a son, Sean and two daughters, Dr. Kimberly Lemons of Lawton, OK and Tessa Pacheco of Phoenix. One sister, Kay Garner and two grandchildren, Kris Hubbard and Kara Martin of Oklahoma City.

The above obituary, written by family, was published Friday, 04-30-2010.  The tribute video shown at Vince's funeral can be seen here.

Please feel free to add any comments you feel appropriate regarding your memorable moments with K5VT.  Comments can be left by members, guests, and friends, at the bottom of this web page. 








Guestbook Entries

Name and Callsign:Luis, CE8SFG / CE4SFG
Comments:i meet Vince in Punta Arenas during his trip to Falklands Island. We spend a nice days. Great man, great friend
Visit Date:10/13/2012
Name and Callsign:Fritz F6IMS/OE6FOG
Comments:I share the honour of knowing, and now remembering, Vince. I just learned about his passing. From the many US hams I met he is the one I remember dearest.
Visit Date:9/18/2010
Name and Callsign:Mala
Comments:I think that many people would echo Cescilia's posted sentiments, and I would like to add my own "ditto" to her characterization of Vince. I knew Vince back in the day when he was driving an old Volkswagen beetle and we would bum cigarettes off each other. He once told me a story from his childhood in Oklahoma, about a grumpy old neighbor lady who leaned over her fence as he was running by and, wagging her finger at him, pronounced "Vinson Cleo Thompson, you are never going to amount to anything!" I am not certain that this particular incident was a motivating force in his accomplished life, but I am certain that he proved her to be very wrong. Rest well in the peace that you have finally found, old friend!
Visit Date:8/8/2010
Name and Callsign:Gary Batchelder
Comments:i worked w/ Dr Thompson in surgery as a surgical tech.i was just assigned to his room one day then again the next week and again and again i ended up working with him every wednesday for 2 years.The 2 of us along w/ Dr.Jeff Weisfeld formed an amazing bond and team. I can honestly say that i have never had such a strong bond w/ anyone i've ever worked with. Dr. Thompson treated me w/ respect and appreciated my suggestions and help during his surgical cases.He was genuinely interested in my personal life such as always asking about my little daughter Taylor i am so glad that he got to meet her on her 1st birthday.Even 4 months after he left us i am still holding back the tears as i write this.I will forever honor Dr. Thompson every year w/ a toast on the anniversary of his passing its hard to forget a man of his stature.i am truly honored to have befriended him and work w/ him.Thanks for the memories Dr.Thompson i will never forget you.
Visit Date:8/2/2010
Name and Callsign:Barb KE5YVK
Comments:I recieved my ham liscense in January 2009 and in February 2009 I met Vinson Thompson. As my husband KA9A and I were waiting in his office to meet him (having no idea of his reputation either in the medical community or ham community) we saw a plaque on his desk which read, K5VT. My husbands eyes lit up, he said he had sold an antique keyer on ebay to him many years before and that he was a famous DXer. (one of my husbands passions) Up until I met Dr. THompson I had gotten doom and gloom readings from the other doctors and it was just by chance I was refered to him. How fortunate I am! He told me I had an 80-90% chance of surviving and I told him before the operation to make sure he got it all and he said he would. I believe he did, I have been "normal" for a year. He was without a doubt the most considerate doctor I have ever been to. He made you feel like he really did care about you as a person. When I was entering the operating room the nurses asked me how I was able to get Dr. Thompson, because he had "rock star status" as THE doctor any woman would want! More nurses during my hospital stay told me the same thing. On the day he came to see me I was told he would only stay 5 minutes and to get my questions ready. He stayed 45 minutes and we talked 'ham radio'! His death is such a sad loss to us all. How do you thank someone who saved your life? Mostly I wish he could of enjoyed more time. I have the feeling he was one of those people who enjoyed every minute of every day, I hope so. 73's Vince May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand.
Visit Date:6/20/2010
Name and Callsign:Giorgio, I2KMG
Comments:A superb operator, and a gentleman. You gave so many of us both enjoyment and example. Thank you, Vince. My prayers for you and yours.
Visit Date:6/6/2010
Name and Callsign:Rich, KI7K
Comments:I was shocked to read of Vince's passing. I remember many enjoyable times with Vince and Don (N6ZV) when we three would get together and laugh for hours and talk DX. Don let his license laps and has never been back on the air though I hear from him occasionally. My former callsign WA6BTX in the 70's and in 76' became KJ6J and then KI7K in 1981 also the same year I left So. Calif for Idaho. We used to go to the SCDXC together. I will always remember Vince and what a superb friend and DX'er he was. His many trips to Africa and the Indian Ocean for the rare ones. Rest well Vince! We'll see you again. 73 de Rich
Visit Date:6/5/2010
Name and Callsign:Rod W7CY
Comments:Vince was a real hero - bigger than life. Riding the wave but somehow always in control. "I just knew" will always echo in my mind. Thanks for more than my share of great memories. You are missed. 73 es hpe cul, Rod
Visit Date:5/7/2010
Name and Callsign:Dr. Rebecca Wilks
Comments:Vince was one of my teachers during my OB-Gyn residency. I was consistently impressed with his compassion and surgical skills, committment to teaching and sense of humor. He was always lare for surgery and we could always smell his cologne as he came down the hall. I am saddened by his passing.
Visit Date:5/6/2010
Name and Callsign:Steve K2WE
Comments:It was an honor to know Vince.. I'll never forget him coming over to me at Daytom 1998 after my DXpedition to Vietnam (3W6WE). He shook my hand and gave me a well done.. Rest in Peace my friend..
Visit Date:5/4/2010
Name and Callsign:Jerry Robinson K6AV
Comments:Vince was a class act. Never had a bad word to say about anybody and never was condescending. He also had a world class collection of Old Morse Code Keys and Bugs which he was very proud of. He personally took great patience with me making a contact on some of his DXpeditions to Aftrica. It was trill to receive is QSL Cards. He will be greatly missed by everybody. RIP Dear Vince.
Visit Date:5/3/2010
Name and Callsign:Arie Surkiss, 4X6UO
Comments:It was such a surprise before leaving Phoenix Vince came to the airport to say hello and promissed to return to Israel to water his tree. Rest in peace my friend Naomi and myself will water your tree it will be high and toll as you are "Shalom my friend" Naomi & Arie 4x6uo
Visit Date:5/3/2010
Name and Callsign:Mark F. Tattenbaum W2MFT
Comments:I didn't know Vince personally but I knew him as a radio friend that gave me some of my first contacts in Africa. Then my older friends in The Western New York Dx Association told me about his humanitarian work. I am honored to have known him and worked him. I remember with excitement the times of him working me and my call coming back in the pile ups. Thanks Vince! Godspeed! Mark
Visit Date:5/1/2010
Name and Callsign:Karl DK2WV
Comments:I had the honor of spending 2 weeks with Vince in July 1989 when we went to 3D2 Conway Reef. I lost a friend. God bless and keep you.
Visit Date:5/1/2010
Name and Callsign:Franco TG9NX
Comments:Very sad news abt VT departure, The good ones go first
Visit Date:4/30/2010
Name and Callsign:Jennifer
Comments:Jennifer I am an old friend of Vince from early 1990's. I first met him from medical field and was introduced to ham. As far as ham, I only achieved technician license , a call sign KC7ERY and climbed a tower few times helping him with antenna. I know he lived his life fully and passionately as a surgeon as well as a Ham Operator. Knowing Vince, he will be a happy soul as he is shouting his call sign K5VT and trying to reach all of you from another world. He will always be remembered.
Visit Date:4/30/2010
Name and Callsign:Kan JA1BK
Comments:Sad news. We went Ducie twice even first attempt was failed but successed by good ship of Breaveheart. Vince was most happy to QRV brand new one. 73 Vince, Kan JA1BK
Visit Date:4/30/2010
Name and Callsign:Jan Heise K4QD
Comments:I had the honor of spending several weeks with Vince in Dec 94-Jan 95 when we went to the Falklands and S. Georgia Island. He was a great DXPeditioner and a wonderful all around guy. He will be missed in the amateur radio community.
Visit Date:4/30/2010
Name and Callsign:Cris GM4FAM
Comments:Very sad to hear of Vince's passing. RIP big fella.
Visit Date:4/30/2010
Name and Callsign:YS1GMV Mario Moran
Visit Date:4/30/2010
Name and Callsign:Mike Fulcher, KC7V
Comments:There is so much to say about Vince. He was a dear friend that I traveled the world with. He was is my wedding party, helped me put up my first tower in Phoenix. I used to visit him at the County hospital when he first went to work here in Phoenix in 1981 and we would talk and dream about the things we wanted to accomplish, places we wanted to go. Vince always smiled and was always willing to lend a helping hand. He accomplished great things in life, his medical career and in his love for amateur radio. I learned much from him and he encouraged me in my quest to be a good CW operator. He was a guy you looked up to and wanted to be like. I am going to miss you Vince. RIP 73 ..._._
Visit Date:4/30/2010
Name and Callsign:Rag LA5HE
Comments:My first eyeball with Vince was during my first ever visit to California. I made a presentation of 3Y1VCs Bouvet operation at the SCDXC meeting and Vince came up to me afterwards. In the years to come I had a standing invitation to be a houseguest and I enjoyed my many visits to Phx. Vince also gave me an opportunity to meet many of the local DX-ers( KC7V, K7SP come to mind) as well as the experience of using a 3 ele yagi on 40 m ! Vince also came and visited me when I lived in Copenhagen. I managed to dig up some new( old)morsekeys for his collection.Later we met in Visalia and Dayton. Whenever he worked me during a DX-pedition his personal greetings always gave me a good feeling of friendship. Vince will be greatly missed. RIP
Visit Date:4/30/2010
Name and Callsign:Roger Brown G3LQP
Comments:Great DXer's like Vince do not die, they just short to ground. Rest in peace, and thanks from everyone who knew you, for what you done, the world is a better place
Visit Date:4/30/2010
Name and Callsign:Bill K7ANT
Comments:I was very saddened when I received phone calls from a couple of close friends saying that Vince had passed. I met Vince many years ago when he came to the CADXA. Vince was one of a kind and I always enjoyed working him in the pile ups. May God speed our friend to his next callsign. RIP Vince. Bill, K7ANT
Visit Date:4/29/2010
Name and Callsign:Ray W7USA
Comments: I have known Vince as a friend and fellow DX'er since he became a member of CADXA many years ago. We were both neighbors in a sense since we lived not far from each other. I had the opportunity to help with several of his antenna projects over the years and got to know the Doctor as a caring and generous human being. His travels around the world to rare entities and contesting provided thousands with the chance for a "new one". I am one of those thousands. They say you can't take anything with you when you go. I bet if Vince could pick one thing he could take with him it would be a CW key of some sort. RIP 73, Ray / W7USA
Visit Date:4/29/2010
Name and Callsign:Tony W4OI/HK1AR
Comments:I could write a book about the exploits, escapades and experiences I had with VT over the last 25+ years in many countries on 5 continents. Some of the stories would be "R" Rated! ;-) With the passing of Vince Ham Radio lost a giant, my daughter lost a God Father and I lost a friend. RIP OM. 73
Visit Date:4/29/2010
Name and Callsign:Michael Bill N7MB
Comments: I remember Vince K5VT Work It was a brutal, hot day on the roof of the Novatel in Accra, Ghana in 1994. Antenna raising time just before the CQWW SSB test. After traveling half way around the world, Vince shows up and with no rest, even to change clothes, immediately joins us building, raising and testing the antennas. He works a full 12 hour day, then did some operating. At home his medical practice schedule is simple. Dr. Vince works 6 1/2 days a week, having only Sunday afternoons off. The man never tires. Knowledge CQWW CW 1996 - Lome, Togo 5V7A. VooDo Contest Group. CQWW CW 1997 - Lome, Togo 5V7A. VooDo Contest Group. Using split headphones, Vince is showing me how to "run the pileups". One technique was to copy 4-5 callsigns, then work them one after the other, then copy another 5 callsigns, etc. All the time explaining how to tune the pileup, listening to the signals at 400hz, and the extreme importance of "passing the mults" to the other ops. Five stations crammed into one hotel room made is easy to write down the new mult info and literally hand a yellow Post-It note to the 15m station who passes it on to the next station. Life Dr. Vince has worked for several years in the African continent, giving many new ones to "the deserving". He patiently explained to me some life lessons: Smile a lot! Everyone understands your smile, even if you don't speak their language. Don't get mad! You are in their country, act like a polite guest. Things move at a different speed in other places. Have patience! Eventually it will all work out. The running joke for the VooDudes is: West Africa always wins. Always carry a roll of TP with you. Philosophy Dr. Vinson C. Thompson, K5VT Husband, Father, Doctor, Soldier, Author, Philospher, DXer and Contester Extraordinaire, Citizen of the World From his signature file: "Dance like nobody's watching; love like you've never been hurt. Sing like nobody's listening; live like it's heaven on earth." Godspeed, dear friend Michael Bill N7MB
Visit Date:4/29/2010
Name and Callsign:Andy, G4PIQ
Comments:I've been on a number of contest expeditions with Vince. Although his life was clearly jam-packed full, he always pulled out all the stops to try and make it down to meet his friends in West Africa in November. He'd get off some awful long multi-legged flight and dive head-first into helping the team get setup. As to his operating - he was simply one of the fastest and most accurate - that's all that needs to be said. But the important stuff was that he a great person to spend time with. His sense of calm and dry good humour was a real important thing to have in the chaos of Africa. He also offered great support to the new folks on the team where that was needed. There's no doubt that his passing will leave a huge hole.
Visit Date:4/29/2010
Name and Callsign:Rev Robert Spencer KE8DM
Comments:My Wife Helen KA7VLV and I met Vince K5VT and his wife over four years ago. That first meeting was one that makes your heart feel nothing but joy. He came up to Helen and I introduced himself and his wife and it was amazing how at ease and the sincere smile and gentlenss you felt from him. After that everytime I saw him I saw a smile, he made me at ease at all times. He is in our prayers and his family too. Vince you blessed us. God Bless and keep you RObert 28 April 2010
Visit Date:4/28/2010
Name and Callsign:Cescilia Thompson
Comments:My beloved Vince is an extraordinary man. I'm so proud and fortunate to share my life with him for last 3 yrs. He's an amazing partner, lover, soulmate, and best friend every woman would dream of. Although he's gone too soon, but I know he's in a better place, and my love for him never die. Remaining days of my life will be very very difficult without him. Cescilia
Visit Date:4/28/2010
Name and Callsign:Vinson Garner
Comments:It is great to see such feedback about Vinson Thompson. He was my uncle. Although I did not get to see him very often the few times were memorable. I have been told that the funeral will be on Friday, April 30th. I have not seen an obit yet, not sure why. So finding your comments means a lot. I will be sure and send all of these comments to my mom, Vince's sister, Kay as well. She made it to Phoenix for the funeral from Oklahoma City. I know he will be missed for his gifts as a physician and his talents elsewhere.
Visit Date:4/28/2010
Name and Callsign:Warren K7WX
Comments:Vince was much beloved as a wonderfully kind and exceptionally thoughtful gentleman who was also a towering figure in the rarefied world of upper-tier DXexpeditioning. I first met Vince at a CADXA meeting in 1990 and several years later had the privilege of operating with him in Ghana and Burma. Amazing skill and unbelievable concentration during the heat of battle in a contest environment with equally quick and generous praise for those newbies just learning how to jump into that swirling and unintelligible CW pile-up. The likes of Vince will not pass this way again for a very long time. 73 my friend. Warren, K7WX
Visit Date:4/28/2010
Name and Callsign:Bob K4UEE
Comments:I first met Vince when he was our guest speaker at the SEDXC's DXPO in the mid 80's. Of course, I had worked him many times from vrious places in Africa. He was my first DX hero ! Later, we were teammates when we activated Bhutan as was the number 2 "most needed" at that time in 2000. Then we were at XT2DX for CQWW and we served on the DXAC together for 8 years. A gentle, unselfish, and kind man. He didn't waste a lot of words, but when he spoke, you had better listen. I am deeply saddened that he is gone. God rest his soul!
Visit Date:4/28/2010
Name and Callsign:Franz DJ9ZB
Comments:Im so sorry to hear about the death from my friend Vince,K5VT. I worked him from several DX places and we were on DXpedition in E3-Eritrea together. I missed a very good friend, RIP dear Vince and thanks so much for all.
Visit Date:4/28/2010
Name and Callsign:Don WØDM
Comments:I was so sorry to hear of Vince's untimely death. What a nice guy and first class Ham. He will be missed. Over 47 active years I had worked him several times and "knew who he was". Then last year at the DXCC dinner I had the good fortune to sit next to Millie and Vince. I was to Millie's right and Vince to her left so I finally had the chance to meet Vince in person. Everyone at our table wanted to say hello to him and swap a Ham story. It was wonderful to meet him. RIP Vince! 73, Don WØDM
Visit Date:4/27/2010
Name and Callsign:Jim McCook, W6YA
Comments:To me it is a shock and very sad time to know Vince will no longer be with us. I recall meeting Vince when he visited me about 1981(?) before he had decided where to locate his private practice. It turned out that San Diego County was already well covered for his extreme specialty, and he found his place in Phoenix. Everyone else has done a good job of describing his character, which is why we'll never forget Vince. It is truly a sad time for us all. He was a true friend.
Visit Date:4/27/2010
Name and Callsign:Jon K6EL
Comments:I was always happy to hear Vince would be on from an entity somewhere because it was almost a sure thing I would work him on CW with his unique style and tenacity to "pull" you out. Condolences to the family. many will miss Vince including DXers everywhere. Another chapter closes in DX history. RIP Vince OM, RIP. Jon, K6EL
Visit Date:4/27/2010
Name and Callsign:Judy Celik
Comments:There will be ADDITIONAL VISITATION HOURS on THURSDAY-MARCH 29th from 6 TO 9 PM.
Visit Date:4/27/2010
Name and Callsign:Judy Celik
Comments:I worked with Vince for 10 years--assisting in surgery and working in the office. He had unbelievable surgical skills. From what I've read, he had unbelievable ham skills. He touched thousands of lives and will be missed.
Visit Date:4/27/2010
Name and Callsign:Andy UA3AB
Comments:Vice was a great person and good friend. I still remember him visiting my small apartment shack with Rod, NZ7E and Mike KC7V on their way to Mongolia. This was 1991. We met many times since and went to A52A trip together in 2000. We'll be missing you, OM. RIP.
Visit Date:4/26/2010
Name and Callsign:Jim N9TK
Comments:I'm in shock... Vince was one of the kindest and most generous guys I've ever met. I often remember one of my fondest memories on our trip to Ducie was when we discovered where the grapefruit was hidden in the galley... we were enroute back to Pitcairn in rough seas and both standing in front of the big galley sink devouring the fresh fruit slobbering grapefruit juice all over the place and having a good laugh at how wonderful it tasted. Friendships and fond memories are what Ham Radio is all about. It was an honor to have spent that short time with him. Farewell my friend. Jim N9TK
Visit Date:4/26/2010
Name and Callsign:jeff weisfeld
Comments:I was on the medical side of Vince’s life. I assisted him in surgery for many years. I’ve heard about you hams and knew that your craft was a passion to him, as were the countless friendships he made along the way. As a surgeon, Vince created his own class. On a daily basis, we were all awed by his expertise and skill in tackling the hardest cases and figuring out the best way to remove the bad, keep the good, and give his patient the best chance to have a healthy outcome. He was known in our medical community for this; respected and loved. Then there was the sheer joy of just being around the man. His kindness, ready smile, and helpfulness that was approachable and available to all. He always insisted that I pass first through a doorway even though I was holding the door, but that was Vince. I grew to like those automatic doors in surgery, so we could walk together. A true "one of a kind," a great man, a best friend.
Visit Date:4/26/2010
Name and Callsign:Don G3XTT
Comments:I first came across Vince in the early 80's when he gave me several new DXCC entities during his African travels, doing voluntary medical work. I then got to know him when he joined us at 9M0C, and also contested with him as part of the Voodoo team at 5U5Z and, most recently, 3X5A in 2008. One amusing anecdote was on the bus leaving 5U, when he insisted we stop by a roadside street vendor so that he could get his fix of that great American beverage, Coca Cola. Because there is a deposit on the bottles, the locals buy one bottle and drink it on the spot. The vendor couldn't understand why Vince wanted lots of bottles and didn't seem bothered that he wouldn't be around to get the deposit back! RIP Vince.
Visit Date:4/26/2010
Name and Callsign:Rob GM3YTS
Comments:I have known Vince since 1990 and been on many trips to Africa with him with the Voodoo Contest Group. I found him to be a kind and generous man who worked hard in everything he did. The amount of tough physical work he did on a DXpedition was incredible, particularly in the heat and humidity of west Africa. He was also humorous,mischievous and great fun to be around. I have reminisced over the years and smile whenever I think of him he was fun to be around and so dependable in a crisis. I shall miss him and I am so privileged to have known him. Rest in Peace my friend. Rob GM3YTS
Visit Date:4/26/2010
Name and Callsign:Lee G0MTN
Comments:I was shocked and saddened to read "K5VT SK" today. I had the great pleasure of getting to know Vince during 3 trips to West Africa with the VooDoo CG for the CQ WW CW contests 6 to 8 years ago. My body didn't acclimatise well on 2 of the 3 trips, and I was extremely grateful to Vince for taking care of me as an unwell op. His calming words and gentle manner were doubly appreciated in the heat of zone 35. I will remember him as a great team member, A1 operator, a dedicated doctor, (literally flying straight to/from the contests to his next patients), and full of stories and exploits from other DXpeditions. The tale of Vince's amplifier being inspected by the Houston bomb squad en-route to home after a DX contest, virtually shutting the airport, springs to mind and will always raise a smile. Of course, Vince carried on with aplomb, with most concern for getting back to work the next day. RIP Vince. You'll be missed.
Visit Date:4/26/2010
Name and Callsign:Tim K4TJP
Comments:On Saturday we heard of Vince's passing and my wife and I were saddened by this news. Last winter Vince and Cecilia visited our home here in Charlotte, NC and we had a wonderful evening together. Vince was a one of those few people that I can actually say was a friend, and a good friend at that. I will miss Vince very much. Tim
Visit Date:4/26/2010
Name and Callsign:Jim K7EG
Comments:I am grieving over the loss of our dear Vince. What a shock. We had many Q's and eyeball Q's at our Scottsdale & CA QTH's. I recall working on antenna projects at his place in Phx. Lost touch since retiring in WA. Rest in peace dear friend - til we meet again.
Visit Date:4/26/2010
Name and Callsign:Chyrl
Comments:I first met Vince in 1980 at the City of Hope National Medical Center and soon we became good friends. We worked together before Vince relocated in AZ. He was very special to me, remembering all the good times we shared. Over the past 30 years, me in California and Vince in AZ, we continued to keep in touch. He was amazing, loved being a doctor, helping others and made a big difference in my life. I will miss you Vince. You were taken to soon from many of us. you. (Does anyone have information regarding the funeral?) If so, please send to
Visit Date:4/26/2010
Name and Callsign:Lenny K5OVC
Comments:Years ago Vince Visted us here in Arkansas. at our ADXA meeting and our QTH. He said he would always take a mike with him to work me on SSB. Had great visits when we met in Dayton. He was a true gentleman and a great DXer . He will be missed. Norma & Lenny
Visit Date:4/26/2010
Name and Callsign:Steve, K7SP
Comments:My first eyeball qso with Vince was around 1979 when he unexpectedly dropped in, Coca Cola in hand, at a multi-single contest effort at my house( albiet a phone contest ). As I recall, he had just finished residency and fellowship, and was sueveying the DX and Professional climate before moving to Phoenix. One quickly sensed the presence of a friendly gentle giant in the shack. Over the many years of our friendship, there are just too many fun and laughter filled occasions to recall without feeling the sad loss now felt. Vince truly was what life is all about. Just a few of the memories include the many new countries Vince added to my DX totals, as well as the new countries he helped put on the air. There was also the somewhat raucous gift he had for me at my 50th birthday party, and the time I got to be his surgical assist on a patient I had referred to him with a rather rare type of uterine tumor. I also ran into Vince at various hospitals while making rounds, at all hours of day and night. And there were the times at his house, a restuarant or bar, or DX convention hoisting a few ,and getting to meet Baldur, Roger, Nigel, Rag, Phil, Gennie and others. There are his photos of African hairstyles, his collection of keys, his contributions and support of DX and DXing,his spellbinding DX presentations, the Alpha amplifier and airport episode, and even a few stories I dare not relate here ! A worthy Elmer for not only Amateur Radio, but life itself - Rest Eternally in Peace Vince.
Visit Date:4/26/2010
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