Central Arizona DX Association

Outgoing QSL Service

What it is

A way for CADXA members who are also ARRL members to send DX QSLs more cheaply to the “buro” system than regular mailings to Newington (which now cost a minimum of about $8.50 with postage).

How it works

The ARRL allows affiliated clubs, like ours, to pool “buro” cards from members and pay the new upfront fee of seven dollars only once per mailing.  By sharing that expense among several members, we can offer individuals substantial savings.  In fact, you save about half.


  1. You are a member in good standing of the ARRL and the CADXA.
  2. You have several ounces of QSL cards that you would normally send to the ARRL Outgoing Bureau.
  3. You instead gather the cards, sorted accurately as usual (see ARRL Outgoing Bureau web page), weigh them accurately as usual, and then send us proof of ARRL membership (one of a legible copy of your membership card, a recent mailing label from QST) and the fee based on the card’s weight as follows:

Up to 1 ounce
Up to 2 ounces
Up to 3 ounces
Up to 4 ounces
Up to 5 ounces
Up to 6 ounces

1 oz
2 oz
3 oz
4 oz
5 oz
6 oz 
Typical Savings (over ARRL Outgoing Bureau)
Approximate # of cards
ARRL Charges
CADXA Charges
You Save

Note that you might also save the US postage if you hand these cards in at a regular meeting to the Outgoing Manager, Larry Loen, WO7R, who normally attends.  Please pay your charge from the above chart to Larry either in cash or with a check made out to him. 

Beyond six ounces, you probably will be mailing to the ARRL Outgoing Bureau yourself as at that volume, the regular Outgoing “buro” is competitive with us.  But most “buro” mailings do not have that kind of volume.

How can the Club not lose money?

By sharing the up-front $7.00 charge among three or four members, the costs balance out.

How is this different than the regular ARRL Outgoing Bureau?

We will hold your cards until two or three other members also send theirs in.  As soon as we reach break-even, we will mail the cards to ARRL.  We expect this might add another month or two delay to your “buro” cards.  Beyond that, nothing is different, because it is otherwise the same system.