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We are the largest ham radio DX club in Arizona with over 120 members, many of whom are on the ARRL's DXCC Honor Roll.  We have several members who have traveled to distant places to put "rare" countries on the air.  We encourage any ham interested in DXing to join our club and learn about the many aspects of talking to hams around the globe who share this amazing hobby with us.  Founded in 1974, we are an ARRL-affiliated club and a member club of the Amateur Radio Council of Arizona (ARCA).

Our next meeting is at 7:00 pm on Thursday, November 3rd, at the PERA Club.  The program will be presented by CADXA member Bill Maynard, W7ZT.  He will tell us about his experiences using Buddypole and other portable antennas for his island DXpeditions as well as home operation in restricted subdivisions.

Come join us at the PERA Club.  There will be drinks and snacks at the break.  Bring a guest!

As always, you are welcome to arrive early to socialize.  The meeting will begin around 7:00 pm with the presentation after our refreshment break. 

Thank you to John, G4IRN, for stopping overnight to visit us during his USA swing through L.A. and Las Vegas.  John has been an Honorary Member of CADXA for several years and shared a presentation a few years ago from home via Skype.  It was wonderful to have him visit us in person for the October meeting to share his experiences from operating at HR2J in Honduras last November for CQWW CW.

John described his methodical research for determining whether the HR2J advertisement in QST was the rent-a-station bargain it seemed to be for $50 a day, room and board included.  It turned out to be more of an adventure than he anticipated, especially when he discovered that his airport destination city of San Pedro Sula was described in newspapers as the "murder capital of the world."

In the true Voodude team spirit, John made the best of the opportunity and enjoyed operating in the 20m low power category in the contest. He was able to overcome unexpected noise and equipment issues to still post a respectable contest score.

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Please join us on the CADXA Repeater at 0200Z on the Thursday nights when the club is not meeting.  If you can help out occasionally as the Net Control Station (NCS), please send an email to KY7M and let him know.

President's Message

Oct. Meeting Recap

Time marches on!  Summer is over and the fall/winter DX and contest season is upon us.  Time to crank up towers that were lowered for monsoon season and get the low band receiving antennas ready for action.  We have a continuing parade of DXpeditions to follow on the air including T31T, H40GC, and VK9NZ.  There is a Polish group going to Nepal towards the end of October.  I am hoping they will use a location with propagation to the USA so I have a shot at them on RTTY.

We recently lost one of the club's long-time Honorary Members, Arie Surkiss, 4X6UO.  Arie visited Phoenix back in 1993 and was made an Honorary Member at that time.  He was very active on RTTY and was on the DXCC Honor Roll for RTTY long before that mode gained its current popularity.  Also joining the list of Silent Keys this month was Bill Moore, NC1L, who managed the DXCC program at ARRL for many years.  

The Amateur Radio Parity Act passed the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously on September 12th and will now be considered by the U.S. Senate. This is the best chance for the ham community in the USA to finally get some relief from the antenna restrictions now a standard part of almost every subdivision's CC&Rs.  If you have not already done so, please use the ARRL's form letters and send them to our Senators.  It only takes a few mouse clicks and one short form.  Every letter helps.

My learning curve continues in the technology of remote station operation.  The efforts I am involved in to keep the N5IA remote station in Safford operational have been met by many technical failures and the station is currently not operational.  At my home QTH, I have successfully engineered basic remote operation of my station, but need to add the next level of control for switching antennas and turning the tower rotator.  I am trying to prove that an old dog (or ham) can learn new tricks!


Lee, KY7M

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Join us on the K5VT repeater to announce and discuss DX. 

It is open to all DX enthusiasts. 
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