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CADXA is the largest ham radio DX club in Arizona with over 140 members, many of whom are on the ARRL's DXCC Honor Roll.  We have several members who have traveled to distant places to put "rare" countries on the air.  We encourage any ham interested in DXing to join our club and learn about the many aspects of talking to hams around the globe who share this amazing hobby with us.  Founded in 1974, we are an ARRL-affiliated club and a member club of the Amateur Radio Council of Arizona (ARCA).

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Welcome to the following new members of CADXA: 

 Joe Madonia, NO7A; Elaine Madonia, NN7Z: Israel Vicente, K7HI; Gary Hosler, W0AW; and Ron Smith, N7RD

President's Message

Have you ever started over?  That is to say, have you ever decided to work DXCC, from scratch, all over again?   Our June meeting will feature “DXCC in a Weekend” from Bill, K6WSC.  He challenges us with this summary:

“Have you ever wondered if you could work 100 DXCC entities in a weekend? How about with a low power modest station in the bottom of the sunspot cycle?” We are about to find out. We welcome Bill, K6WSC, as he presents “DXCC in a Weekend.”  This will feature the world of contesting, but savvy DXers have long understood that contesting is a great way to progress in life long DX goals.

Bill K6WSC, although continuously licensed since 1969, was largely QRT for 37 years until 2008 when he got hooked on the Sport of Amateur Radio, Contesting. Primarily a CW operator, Bill enjoys both DX and domestic contests. He is a member of the Arizona Outlaws Contest Club, Chairman of the Arizona QSO Party, and past president of the Southern Arizona DX Association.

This talk promises to be fun and informative.  A lot of experienced DXers, contesters or non-contesters alike, have experienced the thrill of “starting over” under some set of constraints.  But, working DXCC, even 100 common countries, in a single weekend is a real accomplishment.  Come find out how it is done.

Meanwhile, there are other ways to play this game.  The CQ DX Marathon invites you to “start over” on DXCC, starting on January 1st, and see how many DXCC entities you can work in a calendar year.  Some amateurs manage over 250 entities every year!  Even if you can’t achieve that, it can be fun seeing what you can do.  Other amateurs take on more open-ended challenges, such as working DXCC QRP (yes, even now, this can be done) or picking some particular band or mode.  80m DXCC is a worthwhile activity for the next year or two if you have a decent 80 meter setup.

Come see us at any meeting if you want to talk to experienced amateurs that have done all of this and more.

Our May Barbeque featured a pair of presentations from the Scottsdale Fire Department on Emergency response.  If your club is looking for a general presentation for your meeting, this is a great option.

Our next meeting will be Thursday, June 6th, at the PERA Club, 1 E. Continental Drive, Tempe.  Join the informal social hour at 6:30 pm, the meeting will start at 7:00 pm.  See you there.


Larry, WO7R

Welcome to the Central Arizona DX Association

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