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We are the largest ham radio DX club in Arizona with over 120 members, many of whom are on the ARRL's DXCC Honor Roll.  We have several members who have traveled to distant places to put "rare" countries on the air.  We encourage any ham interested in DXing to join our club and learn about the many aspects of talking to hams around the globe who share this amazing hobby with us.  Founded in 1974, we are an ARRL-affiliated club and a member club of the Amateur Radio Council of Arizona (ARCA).

Nov. Meeting Recap

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Our next meeting is at 7:00 pm on Thursday, December 1st, at the PERA Club.  The program will be presented by Bill Davis, W7EXG, a long-time Motorola EE, who now lives in Tucson.  His presentation is "Gray-line / Terminator Enhanced Propagation: Lessons Learned from the Tucson / Heard-Island Experience".

Come join us at the PERA Club.  There will be drinks and snacks at the break.  Bring a guest!

As always, you are welcome to arrive early to socialize.  The meeting will begin around 7:00 pm with the presentation after our refreshment break. 

Thank you to Bill, W7ZT, for sharing his antenna experiments with us at the November meeting.  Bill is very involved with the Buddipole™ antenna team and told us about his use of various configurations of these portable antennas for several of his DXpeditions to the Caribbean. 

However, what provided the most enjoyment in his presentation were the pictures of the objects he and his friends have been able to resonate as antennas at a local park.  My personal favorite was the pair of aluminum lawn chairs, but beer can dipoles was a close second.

Bill showed us how our hobby can provide endless possibilities for experiments and humor that can also serve as teaching tools for those new to ham radio.

Thanks, Bill, for sharing your enthusiasm with us!!!


Central Arizona DX Association

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President's Message

Welcome to the Central Arizona DX Association

Announced DX Operations
by NG3K

Courtesy of The Daily DX™

I love these cool fall mornings.  It is nice to feel some "cold" Arizona air again!  I have already begun doing some outside maintenance on antenna cables and will be putting down some more radials for my vertical antenna.  The low bands are beginning to show signs of life with a few loud European stations coming through in the evenings testing new antennas and good signals from the Pacific and Asia leading up to sunrise in the mornings.

Some good news -- Ned and I with a lot of help from Gary, N7IR, and Larry, WO7R, and a lot of miles on our cars, have the Safford remote station back on the air.  We are calling it the "Milt Jensen Memorial Station" in honor of its creator, N5IA.  We now have a contest callsign of NA7TB (Top Band) that we will be using for the station in 160m contests.  So, if you hear KY7M or AA7A on 160 or 80 chasing DX it is likely to be on the Safford 8-Circle antenna (160m) or 4-Square antenna (80m).  We have plans to add a 4-Square for 40m sometime in early 2017 if the remote connection remains stable through the winter.

The ZL7G DXpedition to Chatham Island did a splendid job of working the pile-ups on all bands with rapid confirmations on ClubLog and LOTW.  It is always a pleasure to work an expedition that is so well organized and "QSL-friendly".  Speaking of QSLs, don't miss out on the club's new ARRL Outgoing QSL Service cost saving initiative.  Check the web page on this site for the details.  Kudos to Larry, WO7R, for taking on this responsibility that takes advantage of a longstanding benefit available to ARRL-affiliated clubs like CADXA.  Another club QSL service is being offered by Rex, NR6M, for designated DXpeditions starting with TL0A.  Watch the club Yahoo Group messages for more details.

Look for me and the Voodudes from PZ5V before and during the CQWW CW contest Thanksgiving weekend.  I am looking forward to being on the other side of the pile-ups again.


Lee, KY7M

CADXA Repeater
Join us on the K5VT repeater to announce and discuss DX. 

It is open to all DX enthusiasts. 
147.32 MHz (+) no PL tone