Central Arizona DX Association


Each year in April, many of the world's DXers meet in Visalia, California for the International DX Convention (IDXC).  The sponsorship of the IDXC alternates each year between the Northern California DX Club (NCDXC) and the Southern California DX Club (SCDXC).  For many years, CADXA has contributed its resources to assist the clubs in making the convention successful.  With around 25 CADXA members attending most years, we have helped with Registration, Banquet Seating, and Programs at various times.

In the past few years the IDXC attendance has crept closer and closer to 1,000 attendees since the event moved from the Holiday Inn to the Visalia Convention Center in 2013.  The 67th Annual International DX Convention will be held on April 15-17, 2016.  This year it is sponsored by the SCDXC.  Registration information is available on the convention website.

The day before the Convention there is usually an opportunity to attend "DX University" and/or "Contest University" where you can learn tips and tricks from some of the best known DXers and contesters in the world.

Visalia International DX Convention