CADXA is the largest ham radio DX club in Arizona with over 140 members, many of whom are on the ARRL's DXCC Honor Roll.  We have several members who have traveled to distant places to put "rare" countries on the air.  We encourage any ham interested in DXing to join our club and learn about the many aspects of talking to hams around the globe who share this amazing hobby with us.  Founded in 1974, we are an ARRL-affiliated club and a member club of the Amateur Radio Council of Arizona (ARCA).

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President's Message

NOTE NOTE NOTE!    We have changed our longtime meeting location.

We are now at our new monthly meeting place, the Granite Reef Senior Center, 1700 N Granite Reef Rd, Scottsdale.  The next meeting will be on November 7th, 2019.

Our November presentation is “Life is long enough for QRP!”.  Mark Gustoff, WO7T, had his interest in QRP coincide with his entry into Amateur Radio in the early 1980s.  His first rig was an HW-8 he constructed followed with many other radio kits in the decades that followed. QRO radios and amplifiers brought him to today's DXCC (309 Confirmed), but by the early 2000's he had attained a QRP country count of over 100 for QRP DXCC, and today that QRP country count is nearing 200.  He finds joy in all manner of low power operations especially remote, in-the-field, operations most recently. 

QRP can be particularly attractive to the HOA-bound ham as QRP is highly portable.  Come hear about how to do it. 

October’s meeting was about 40 meter daytime DXing.  Bill Davis, W7EXG, showed us how low sunspots are extending the hours of daylight 40 meter action.  He proved that for a few weeks around December 21st, 40 meter DX should be available around the clock!

See you at the Granite Reef Senior Center in Scottsdale on November 7th!  Join the informal social hour at 6:30 pm; the meeting will start at 7:00 pm.


Larry, WO7R

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