CADXA activated the Late Senator Barry Goldwater’s K7UGA callsign as a special event during one week in October culminating in the AZ QSO Party on 9-Oct. A special certificate will be sent out, see . The multi-op team in the QSO Party racked up over 300 Q’s, we should have an update at the November meeting on that and the individual operations during the week leading up to that.

Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, the upcoming meeting will be held virtually using Zoom.  The meeting will be Thursday night, November 4th starting at 7:00 pm (0200Z).  If any of you reading this would like to join via Zoom or would like any other information about CADXA, send me an email: .

Also, if you read about this in ADAW after the meeting date, check our website for more about the club including the upcoming meeting info!

The November 2021 program will be “The Science of Audio & Beyond”, presented by Dr. Bob Heil, K9EID.

Dr. Bob Heil, K9EID, was first licensed in 1956, Amateur Radio has been the foundation of my careers in the sound reinforcement industry as well as bringing high quality, articulate audio to Amateur Radio.  Entering this great hobby during the best sun spot cycle helped me to focus on designing and building one of the first VHF- SSB KW stations.  Throughout the years, I have enjoyed designing many antennas, from the 128 element two meter “J” Beam array in 1960, to the latest – phased arrays on 40 & 75 meters.  I continue to be very active on the bands.  I was the host of Ham Nation for the past 9 years, and now have focused on brining vital information of this great hobby to clubs.  Heil Sound is the only manufacturer in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

The current station consists of many pieces of equipment that I have had throughout my wonderful life & career in Amateur Radio.  All working, and on the air, daily from the original 1956 Harvey Wells. The 20A I built in 1958, Central Electronics 600L, (no tune 500W linear from 1956), the HT 37 I bought in 1962 & my most treasured Mosley CM-1 receiver that was recently signed by its designer, John Clemens, whom we lost in September of 2018.

The new gear console is actually my station lab where I am able to develop & test new designs of microphones & audio equipment using the latest transceiver technologies.  

More info on Bob, can be found at: www.

The October 2021 program was: “Low Band Receive Antennas”. Presented by Gary Sutcliffe, W9XT. More info on Gary, his station, projects, and other interests is available at

Many of the prior CADXA programs are available for replay at:

CADXA has several year-long on-the-air activities set up similar to CQ’s DX Marathon. This allows members to track their progress working DX against other members, it encourages working the common ones again every year in between chasing the really rare DX entities. Also someone with a smaller station working lots of casual QSOs might beat out a DXCC Honor Roll guy with a KW and a ton of aluminum in the air. Tune in to our meeting to see this month’s status! Our repeater in Mesa is on the air and open for use with callsign K5VT/R at 147.32+ with 123.0 PL.

In this day and age, clubs may be looking for socially distanced speakers.  At CADXA, many of our members have presentations on the world of DXing, QSLing, Contesting, Station Construction and related subjects ready to present to your club.  We know how to present via programs like Zoom.  Contact us through our website or email us at or me at  for details.

See you all on Zoom for the next meeting.


Bill Poole, AA4Q
CADXA President 2021

Welcome to the Central Arizona DX Association

Announced DX Operations
by NG3K

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CADXA is the largest ham radio DX club in Arizona with over 140 members, many of whom are on the ARRL's DXCC Honor Roll.  We have several members who have traveled to distant places to put "rare" countries on the air.  We encourage any ham interested in DXing to join our club and learn about the many aspects of talking to hams around the globe who share this amazing hobby with us.  Founded in 1974, we are an ARRL-affiliated club and a member club of the Amateur Radio Council of Arizona (ARCA).

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