Central Arizona DX Association


DXer of the Year Award Criteria

DXers of the Year
1980 - AA7A1998 - K7WX2012 - WA0KDS
1985 - KY7M1999 - N7MB2013 - K7BHM
1986 - KC7V2000 - NA7DB (SK)2014 - NR6M
1987 - N7US2001 - WY7K2015 - KY7M
1988 - W9RY (SK)2002 - N7RK2016 - AA7A
1989 - W2UE (SK)2003 - K7BHM2017 - WO7R
1990 - K7WK2004 - DL1UF2018 - K5ML
1991 - N7CIX2005 - K8IA2019 - N7CW
1992 - NN7X (SK)2006 - K7WP2020 - NQ7R
1993 - K5VT (SK)2007 - N7IR2021 - no award
1994 - AA7A2008 - KF7E2022 - W0RIC
1995 - WA7LNW2009 - K8BN2023 - N6RW
1996 - K8BN2010 - N7CW2024 - 
1997 - W8AEF2011 - NQ7R2025 -

Rick, W0RIC, receives his 2022 DXer of the Year award from Lee, KY7M

The DXer of the Year shall be selected by a panel of three former honorees as designated by the President of CADXA after the membership-at-large submits written nominations to this selection panel. Both the nominations and the selection-by-committee shall look to the following criteria as the ideal honoree profile.

An honoree who, during the award year, has demonstrated exceptional accomplishments in DXing such as the following:

  • Attainment of DX awards (e.g., DXCC Honor Roll, 5BDXCC, 5BWAZ, Satellite DXCC, VUCC)
  • Participation in one or more significant DXpedition that benefited the larger DX community during the year in question
  • Demonstration of exceptional skills in DX operating such as through the number of DXCC entities contacted during the year in question
  • Demonstration of adherence to the highest standards in DXing as referenced in the DX Code of Conduct (dx-code.com) and done within the framework of a competitive but courteous operating environment
  • Giving back to the DX community by serving as a mentor to new DXers
  • Presenting educational programs on the operating or technical aspects of DXing

The overall purpose of the CADXA “DXer of the Year” program is to keep such standards the highest possible as well as to prevent the award itself from becoming diluted through lack of direction by the Club or by failure to define and embrace such high standards.  It is also hoped that this program will result in keeping clear goals and these standards before the membership at all times, especially so as more and more new radio amateurs join CADXA in the coming years.  While it is the general intent of this program to award the CADXA “DXer of the Year” to different recipients, these criteria do not preclude repeated awarding of the CADXA DXer of the Year to past recipients.

During the award presentation, the Chairman of the selection committee should take a few minutes in the presentation to describe the reasons behind the selection, and do so in a manner as to make the presentation special for the recipient.  The time and place of the presentation of this award shall be determined by the CADXA Board of Directors.

DXer of the Year Award

Each year at the Annual Awards Banquet, one club member is honored by being named "DXer of the Year".  Please see the Criteria below for what is considered when choosing the recipient. 

Here is a list of the past recipients of the DXer of the Year award: