Presidential Service Award

The Presidential Service Award may be awarded annually at the discretion of the CADXA Board of Directors.  The Board may solicit nominations from the membership-at-large.  In considering whether to grant this award, the Board shall look to the criteria below as the ideal honoree profile.

Here is a list of the past recipients of the Presidential Service Award:

2016 - Larry Loen, WO7R

2017 - Tom Boza, NE7X

2018 - Bob Davies, K7BHM

2019 - Lee Finkel, KY7M

2020 - Reinhard Geissler, K7RGG

2021 - no award

2022 - Virgil Silhanek, K7VZ

2023 - Tom Kramer, NQ7R and Mike Wright, N7MW

Virgil, K7VZ, receives the 2022 Presidential Service Award from Bill, AA4Q

Presidential Service Award Criteria

An honoree who, during the award year, has demonstrated exceptional service in areas of direct benefit to CADXA such as the following:

  • Taken a dedicated interest in the education of fellow CADXA members
  • Consistently performed acts of service to or for CADXA
  • Assisted with the technical maintenance of CADXA internet web pages, email reflectors, and the club repeater
  • Participated frequently in work parties
  • Shown special diligence on various CADXA committees or projects
  • Enhanced the visibility of CADXA through special public relations efforts, etc.

The overall purpose of the CADXA Presidential Service Award is to recognize a CADXA member who has made significant contributions to the ongoing success of the club in ways that go beyond working DX stations and earning DX awards.  While it is the general intent to award the CADXA Presidential Service Award to different recipients, these criteria do not preclude repeated awarding of the CADXA Presidential Service Award to past recipients.

During the award presentation, the CADXA President should take a few minutes in the presentation to describe the reasons behind the selection, and do so in a manner as to make the presentation special for the recipient.  The time and place of the presentation of this award shall be determined by the CADXA Board of Directors.

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