There are many websites and email lists available to provide resources in your pursuit of DX.  Knowing what stations are on the air, best times to listen for them, or how to get a confirmation of a QSO are all important things to know as you chase countries and zones for various awards.  Here are a few DX resources that have proven to be helpful to our members through the years.

DX Packet Clusters

DX Summit by Radio Arcala (Finland)

VE7CC Cluster

DX News

425 DX News (free weekly bulletin from Italy)

Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin (free weekly bulletin)

ARRL DX Bulletin (free weekly bulletin)

Daily DX or Weekly DX (paid subscriptions)

DX Awards

ARRL DX Century Club (DXCC)

CQ Magazine Worked All Zones (WAZ)

DX Clubs

Southern California DX Club

Northern California DX Club

Utah DX Association

San Diego DX Club

Northern Illinois DX Association

CDXC: The UK DX Foundation

Voodoo Contest Group

Callsign Directory (free, but login and password needed)

FT8 Tips for DXers

Manual by G4IFB/ZL2IFB

Logging Software

DX Lab Suite (free)

Ham Radio Deluxe (for purchase)

Winlog 32 (free)

E-Logging and QSLing

Logbook of the World (LOTW)

ClubLog with OQRS


Foreign Stamps for Purchase

Airmail Envelopes for Purchase

For a limitless list, visit the "Gateway to DX and Contesting Index" by AC6V

DX Resources

Central Arizona DX Association