DXCC Totals

We are currently seeking someone to serve the club as DXCC totals admin. Must be comfortable with Excel, WO7R has very detailed instructions to get you started. If you can help out, it is probably an hour or three once a quarter. Contact AA4Q or WO7R.

If you want to get on the DXCC Totals List or update your totals, please complete the linked Excel spreadsheet and email it to the DXCC total administrator for the club (after we find someone to volunteer).  Be sure to click the "Enable Editing" box so you can enter your numbers.

Historically, the club has tracked member totals in working and confirming DXCC countries on a quarterly basis.  The ARRL provides a number of related awards that are also tracked by the club.  In addition, CQ Magazine's 5-Band Worked All Zones Award is one of the greatest challenges for DXers and is also tracked by the club.

Central Arizona DX Association